Thursday, August 25, 2005


The classic 360 bar sphere, paneled

Two days ago I quickly put together a regular 360 bar sphere with Geomag:
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A coworker suggested adding panels to the sphere, and he spent some time putting the panels in. The result was actually quite pleasing to the eye:
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Since I always like the pictures showing detail on the inside that I've seen, I've tried to make one of those too even though my camera isn't too good at it. I still like the result though:
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I'm going to need more bars and panels if I am to go up a size sphere...

Thats just a standard soccer ball. If you have any pentagon panels you can use them instead of making triangles. I only have about 130 magnets but I could make a sphere that size using pentagons and three rhombuses for the hexagons. With 360 magnets you should be able to make a bigger one
True. But I prefer to use the panels for decorations, not for the actual structural integrity. Unless I'm low on magnets, of course or trying to make something as big as possible.

I've made a bigger on with Supermag, since I have more bars of that brand.

Still, I'm not entirely sure if the rhumbuses would work for the hexagons, since in the 360 sphere the hexagons are all curved a little.

They would work great on a 20 sided ball, but I don't know how well they work on the 12 sided one.
Gorgeous closeup.

Great pics..
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