Thursday, September 29, 2005


Geomag Diamond

Putting together a Geomag fractal diamond isn't as easy as it seems. It's a little tricky to put together and if you don't get the polarities in the bottom right, the whole thing will collapse.

But the result if you build it right looks very neat:

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I tried putting my favorite spinner inside the diamond, but it didn't spin very well since the polarities of the diamond weren't perfect throughout the entire construction and the spinner itself isn't neutral either (hard to do with 3 sides). Still, it worked and looked pretty neat. But in the end I decided to remove it since I liked how it looked without the spinner better.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Patched up wooden box (and a pyramid)

While it's far from perfect, after a few screws and some wood glue, the broken 1450 wooden case is at least functional, and actually looks pretty good from some angles.

Image hosted by

Once a good box comes in, I'll use this one for the other half of my Geomag collection. So it looks like everything is going to work out for the best.

In the meantime I've started on a cute pyramid project. It looks like this:

Image hosted by

It's a little on the heavy side with all the balls inside it, so I don't know if my idea of putting it upside down and then building another one on top of it will work. But I guess there's only one way to find out...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Geomag DekoPanels

It looks like my Geomag Collection 1450 problems will be solved as soon as possible. While it might take a while, they will send me a new wooden case free of charge. I can't wait to get it.

In the meantime, I now can play with the magnets in the box since I know I won't have to return them. I'll see if I can whip up something nice sometime this week...

Now, since the tripod I made a few weeks ago is still standing, I have attached a DekoPanels spinner to it. It looks like this:

Image hosted by

The spinner in more detail:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The flash wasn't kind to the last picture, but I figured I'd put it up anyway. It looks really neat and I like the way it turned out. I may never disassemble the spinner. :)

Monday, September 26, 2005


Geomag Collection 1450

Well, my order finally arrived this morning. Finally I have my box of Collection 1450, which is the wooden collector case with 1000 metallic blue rods in it.

The case is beautiful, but arrived with some nasty damage...

Hopefully I can get a replacement case for it (to save on the massive shipping cost), and not have to send it back so they can send me a complete replacement order.

Here's to hoping it'll all work out smoothly.

The Dekopanels are interesting, and so far I've made one panel with a picture of my daughter in it. It is really cute. Once I have something built I'll post more.

In the meantime, this is what my Collection 1450 looks like, sadly enough...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Friday, September 09, 2005


New Supermag line of products and ranting...

For those of you who care (all 0 of you), my order finally was completed and shipped so hopefully I'll be getting my Geomag collection 1450 box and some DekoPanels in a little over a week or so. I'm looking forward to receiving them.

But really what I wanted to post about today was the new line of Supermag products from PlastWood that I've seen at Fat Brain Toys.

For example:

- Supermag ATV (link)
- Supermag Motorcycle (link)
- Supermag Ferrari (link)
- Supermag Jet (link)

Now there's nothing wrong with adding specialized components to your MAGNETIC building set, but come on... Plastic wheels? Pierced spheres? Twist bars? Soft twist bars?

I'm sorry, but those components have nothing to do with magnetism. If I wanted K'Nex, I'd buy K'Nex.

Here is a large picture. Granted, the motorcycle does look cool, but when you realize that most of the bars you see aren't magnetic bars at all, I wonder how disappointed some people will be when they get their box of magnetic toys.

They are turning Supermag into a modeling kit, which is fine, but it's not the basic toy I like. Just like Lego went batshit with all the specialized components that serve almost no use outside the original model, so is Supermag.

Late last year I received a sample of different bar lenghts and ball sizes from the Supermag Discover line. As you can see, I never posted a review on these. The main reason is that I really cannot build anything with them. In small numbers they are useless when building larger constructions with the regular sized bars and spheres except for details on your project.

Now in large numbers some of the alternative lengths would be quite useful to have. But nothing you need to create a special shape with that you can't do with the regular lenghts, which are far cheaper to buy in large quantities.

The only good thing I see about these model kits for Supermag is that someone buys one, really likes the magnets and will start buying their regular toy line boxes.

Another thing that just annoys me is that you can buy the RoseArt Magnetix everywhere in this region. I'm sorry, but that product is crap. But since it's cheap and an American company with wide marketing channels they can get their product in everywhere, pushing Supermag and Geomag out of the stores.

The closest place where I can buy a box of Geomag is over an hour away from here. Within 15 minutes I can be at 8 places that sell Magnetix. It's no wonder that every time a coworker tells me that they love the stuff I have sitting in my office and that they bought some for their kids, it's Magnetix they have bought.

And then eventually they'll tell me one of two things:

1. Their kids love it, but want more pieces.
2. Their kids like it, but they have problems with paint flaking, the spheres are no longer shiny and flake too, the kids can't build anything big and things keep collapsing.

You get what you pay for... Most people realize that, but when there's no other product in the stores but the cheap stuff, everyone ends up buying the cheap stuff. Oh well, hopefully when the holiday season starts places like Target and Kids 'R Us will stock Geomag again locally.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Small modifications and delays...

I moved my 'brain' up on top, and put in different spinners. I tried to come up with a really neat base for the different legs of the tripod using Supermag, but in the end it just didn't come out right (plus I didn't feel like taking apart the tripod and rebuilding it just yet).

Image hosted by

I do like the bottom spinner a lot. It has 3 pentagons and just looks different from the spinners I usually make.

Not much news other than that... Just having a heck of a time trying to get an order through at EuroToys. It would've been fine if I hadn't decided that I'd like to add a few items (DekoPanels) to my order.

I was told that they'd have to cancel my existing order and that I then could create a new order. They deleted my order and now their credit card provider won't accept my credit card anymore since it had a payment cancelled or something (of course, they won't give me a reason, but I can't seem to complete an order). So now I'm dealing with them through email and that is taking some time... It's hard to be patient when your attention span is as short as mine.

Oh well... Hopefully today or tomorrow they'll get around to completing my order and then the wait for shipping begins. On the other hand it's possible that they still can't use my credit card and then I'll have to figure out some other form of payment. Hopefully that won't be necessary.

Friday, September 02, 2005


A larger tripod, DekoPanels

I have made a few attempts to increase the size of the tripod from my previous entry. My first attempt was a tripod made up of 3 arches that each had 7 pentagons in them, but this tripod collapsed when the last strut was removed. It was just too top heavy.

Another attempt worked out great, which is made up of 3 arches that have 6 pentagons in them. I really like how it turned out:

Image hosted by
There's a brain inside the spinner...

Image hosted by
You can't see the brain now, but it's still there...

The brain is a freebie from Fat Brain Toys when you order things from them. I bought some Geomag Combo 42 boxes and while the free brain was on the packing list, I couldn't find it. I made a note of that in an email while thanking them for the great turn around time on my order (I ordered on a Wednesday afternoon and had my toys the next morning, using FREE shipping). A few days later, they sent me a package with just a brain in it. Their service really impressed me a lot.

On another note... I found some information on Geomag DekoPanels. To be honest, I wasn't impressed at all with this, thinking it was just a goofy gimmick until I saw the video (9MB) that they have on that page as well. It made me realize that while goofy, I could just make really neat spinners with it that have pictures of my wife and daughter on it. And in a few years, when my daughter gets into crafts and wants to not only build things with my Geomags/Supermags (Hey, I can always hope), she'll love to play around and put different images into the things she builds too.

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