Friday, September 02, 2005


A larger tripod, DekoPanels

I have made a few attempts to increase the size of the tripod from my previous entry. My first attempt was a tripod made up of 3 arches that each had 7 pentagons in them, but this tripod collapsed when the last strut was removed. It was just too top heavy.

Another attempt worked out great, which is made up of 3 arches that have 6 pentagons in them. I really like how it turned out:

Image hosted by
There's a brain inside the spinner...

Image hosted by
You can't see the brain now, but it's still there...

The brain is a freebie from Fat Brain Toys when you order things from them. I bought some Geomag Combo 42 boxes and while the free brain was on the packing list, I couldn't find it. I made a note of that in an email while thanking them for the great turn around time on my order (I ordered on a Wednesday afternoon and had my toys the next morning, using FREE shipping). A few days later, they sent me a package with just a brain in it. Their service really impressed me a lot.

On another note... I found some information on Geomag DekoPanels. To be honest, I wasn't impressed at all with this, thinking it was just a goofy gimmick until I saw the video (9MB) that they have on that page as well. It made me realize that while goofy, I could just make really neat spinners with it that have pictures of my wife and daughter on it. And in a few years, when my daughter gets into crafts and wants to not only build things with my Geomags/Supermags (Hey, I can always hope), she'll love to play around and put different images into the things she builds too.

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