Friday, September 09, 2005


New Supermag line of products and ranting...

For those of you who care (all 0 of you), my order finally was completed and shipped so hopefully I'll be getting my Geomag collection 1450 box and some DekoPanels in a little over a week or so. I'm looking forward to receiving them.

But really what I wanted to post about today was the new line of Supermag products from PlastWood that I've seen at Fat Brain Toys.

For example:

- Supermag ATV (link)
- Supermag Motorcycle (link)
- Supermag Ferrari (link)
- Supermag Jet (link)

Now there's nothing wrong with adding specialized components to your MAGNETIC building set, but come on... Plastic wheels? Pierced spheres? Twist bars? Soft twist bars?

I'm sorry, but those components have nothing to do with magnetism. If I wanted K'Nex, I'd buy K'Nex.

Here is a large picture. Granted, the motorcycle does look cool, but when you realize that most of the bars you see aren't magnetic bars at all, I wonder how disappointed some people will be when they get their box of magnetic toys.

They are turning Supermag into a modeling kit, which is fine, but it's not the basic toy I like. Just like Lego went batshit with all the specialized components that serve almost no use outside the original model, so is Supermag.

Late last year I received a sample of different bar lenghts and ball sizes from the Supermag Discover line. As you can see, I never posted a review on these. The main reason is that I really cannot build anything with them. In small numbers they are useless when building larger constructions with the regular sized bars and spheres except for details on your project.

Now in large numbers some of the alternative lengths would be quite useful to have. But nothing you need to create a special shape with that you can't do with the regular lenghts, which are far cheaper to buy in large quantities.

The only good thing I see about these model kits for Supermag is that someone buys one, really likes the magnets and will start buying their regular toy line boxes.

Another thing that just annoys me is that you can buy the RoseArt Magnetix everywhere in this region. I'm sorry, but that product is crap. But since it's cheap and an American company with wide marketing channels they can get their product in everywhere, pushing Supermag and Geomag out of the stores.

The closest place where I can buy a box of Geomag is over an hour away from here. Within 15 minutes I can be at 8 places that sell Magnetix. It's no wonder that every time a coworker tells me that they love the stuff I have sitting in my office and that they bought some for their kids, it's Magnetix they have bought.

And then eventually they'll tell me one of two things:

1. Their kids love it, but want more pieces.
2. Their kids like it, but they have problems with paint flaking, the spheres are no longer shiny and flake too, the kids can't build anything big and things keep collapsing.

You get what you pay for... Most people realize that, but when there's no other product in the stores but the cheap stuff, everyone ends up buying the cheap stuff. Oh well, hopefully when the holiday season starts places like Target and Kids 'R Us will stock Geomag again locally.

I couldn't agree more. I have a few pieces of magnetix, and they suck. I'm a Geomag girl all the way. I have 2x 400 sets (no panels) and love making different polyhedrons at my desk
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