Friday, October 28, 2005


The Clock

Upon request I made a Geomag Clock (though I planned on taking the clock apart, that will have to wait a little longer). The clock was $3.76 at Target :).

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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Where are we?

I found an interesting site, and added a Geomag Fans map to it. Add yourself to the list so we can see where all the Geomag addicts are located.

Check it out at:
Check out our Frappr!

I will post a link to this on the official Geomag forums too, just for fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Geomag Castle?

My Geomag castle, about halfway through (It looks the cutest at this phase due to the color matching):

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And even further (two of the four towers are now floating, suspended by the pipes between the towers):

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At this point I evened up the height of the supporting towers, put two pipes on them aimed at the center to somehow try and connect a fifth tower (much smaller, of course) to suspend in midair that would be taller than the other four towers. These pipes looked neat but didn't meet in the center. Instead there was about 3 cm of space between them. When I put a bar between the two pipes, they wrenched the towers out of shape and the whole thing came crashing down... As a rough estimate I guess the structure used a little over 2000 magnetic bars...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Promised Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised yesterday. The first is of my current Geomag collection:

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The box on the left is the replacement that came from EuroToys. It is just about perfect except that the hinges open further than the ones on the other two boxes. The box in the center is the original box with some replacement screws and the pieces glued back together using wood glue. It looks good from the inside but the cracks are very obvious from the outside. The box on the right came from GeomagSA as a replacement for the center box. It did not come with the wooden divider blocks (though it did have the styrofoam pieces in it to keep the divider blocks from moving just like the other box did), and the paint of the handle bar is chipped. Still, I'm not complaining about what turned into a spare box.

On the bottom right the drawer of my desk contains boxes with the different Geomag Panels. The DekoPanels aren't in this picture since I didn't know where to put them and I don't have that many of them anyway. I'm still looking for a good storage idea for the panels to begin with...

On the other hand, here is a picture of my current (well, as of January 2005) collection of Supermag:

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The smaller pieces means that a lot more of them will fit into a single box. It is a nice collection though.

Then there was the 810 bar sphere I built with the new Geomags I got last week. We put it on the floor for my daughter (17 months old) to crash, but instead she pulled a few pieces from the top and started playing with them:

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But she tapped the ball harder and harder and eventually managed to crash it:

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Though it really didn't crash that badly. My wife helped crush it a bit further to enhance the photo :).

Monday, October 24, 2005


2520 Geomag Bars

That's how many Geomag bars I currently have. My collection jumped when I found a sale at Toy Liquidators (KBToys outlet stores) where they sold the old Plastwood Geomag boxes (184 piece box for $29.88, about 25 cents per bar!)

I now have a good number of white bars as well as the other colors, but I like the white ones since GeomagSA doesn't make them in that color anymore.

I found these last week when we went to Colorado, and bought some, then bought some more in Williamsburg, IA this Saturday. Though they only had the 42 piece boxes left when I bought the last two 184 piece boxes (still, the 42 piece box at $7.88 is still a great deal at 33 cents per bar).

Also while I was in Colorado, a replacement wooden box for my Geomag Collection 1450 arrived in the mail. And this morning another replacement arrived (one was from EuroToys, one from GeomagSA). I wasn't sure if I would get one from EuroToys, so I was very pleasantly surprised. Now I have a great way to store my entire collection, including the new bars.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Including a picture of my daughter crushing an 810 bar sphere. We let her (under strict supervision) play with Geomag with us, and she loved it...

EDIT: Make that 2519 Geomag Bars, as one of the white Plastwood bars doesn't actually have a magnet inside it, just two separate metal bars. It doesn't conduct the magnetic field and doesn't have one of its own. Kinda cute, but I can't count it :)

Friday, October 14, 2005


A bunch of pictures...

In the past few weeks, a coworker build a space shuttle and launching pad:

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I played with circles:

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I tried to assemble a sphere out of 1440 magnets, which collapsed at around 1200 magnets since I was trying to massage a magnet near the bottom that had sprung out of place, resulting in another 5 magnets disconnecting and causing a tear that I couldn't do anything about without an additional 3 hands. But two layers or so before it collapsed, it looked like this:

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And to console myself I build another large fractal pyramid. I always like this construction:

Image hosted by

And it looks cool from the top too:

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That's it for now ... I'll be on vacation next week... no magnets for me :).

Monday, October 03, 2005


Failed corkscrew design

I tried making a neat looking corkscrew today, but the twisting angles make the design not quite perfect, leaving me with an angle offset in a single 360 degree loop. The result is that just before hitting two full loops the design will break apart. Too bad, as I really liked the way it looked.

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