Monday, October 24, 2005


2520 Geomag Bars

That's how many Geomag bars I currently have. My collection jumped when I found a sale at Toy Liquidators (KBToys outlet stores) where they sold the old Plastwood Geomag boxes (184 piece box for $29.88, about 25 cents per bar!)

I now have a good number of white bars as well as the other colors, but I like the white ones since GeomagSA doesn't make them in that color anymore.

I found these last week when we went to Colorado, and bought some, then bought some more in Williamsburg, IA this Saturday. Though they only had the 42 piece boxes left when I bought the last two 184 piece boxes (still, the 42 piece box at $7.88 is still a great deal at 33 cents per bar).

Also while I was in Colorado, a replacement wooden box for my Geomag Collection 1450 arrived in the mail. And this morning another replacement arrived (one was from EuroToys, one from GeomagSA). I wasn't sure if I would get one from EuroToys, so I was very pleasantly surprised. Now I have a great way to store my entire collection, including the new bars.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Including a picture of my daughter crushing an 810 bar sphere. We let her (under strict supervision) play with Geomag with us, and she loved it...

EDIT: Make that 2519 Geomag Bars, as one of the white Plastwood bars doesn't actually have a magnet inside it, just two separate metal bars. It doesn't conduct the magnetic field and doesn't have one of its own. Kinda cute, but I can't count it :)

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