Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Geomag Castle?

My Geomag castle, about halfway through (It looks the cutest at this phase due to the color matching):

Image hosted by

And even further (two of the four towers are now floating, suspended by the pipes between the towers):

Image hosted by

At this point I evened up the height of the supporting towers, put two pipes on them aimed at the center to somehow try and connect a fifth tower (much smaller, of course) to suspend in midair that would be taller than the other four towers. These pipes looked neat but didn't meet in the center. Instead there was about 3 cm of space between them. When I put a bar between the two pipes, they wrenched the towers out of shape and the whole thing came crashing down... As a rough estimate I guess the structure used a little over 2000 magnetic bars...

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