Thursday, November 10, 2005


A few additions to the bridge...

The previously described bridge got moved, had a lot of non-vital pieces removed to create a good pile of unused pieces so that I could make the second ramp. When I was done, I had used up every Geomag bar I own (2819, I think). But since I wanted some towers at the ramps as well I made four of them with SuperMag (504 bars to be precise). The result looks pretty cool, though I could've used the colors better I suppose...

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Hope you like the result. I do.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Another bridge...

This bridge is the biggest thing I've made so far with Geomag. It may not look like it, but there are 2652 magnetic bars involved in this piece. While it's not all that visible, there is a little boat and a little man on a raft on the desk as well to go with the bridge.

I'll be adding some small decorations to use up the remaining Geomag bars that I have (there's not many left now). When this project collapses/is destroyed, I'll try and build something large using a lot of panels.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Geomag Blaze / Pastelles

Two quick notes:
1. The Geomag Blaze 60 sets have 12 Black rods and 24 Orange rods in them. I like the orange but I love the black rods. Hopefully they'll be available by themselves sometime in the future.

2. My daughter will love the Pastelles colors. I really like the purple ones myself, but they're all pretty neat.


Messed up clock...

During the past week the clock has been modified here and there by various people... I figured I'd post the results before I'll take it down:

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Not too much is new in the world of magnetic construction toys. I found a place that sells Unimag (Geomag knockoff using the exact same construction) for 20.2 cents per bar (if you buy 6300 bars, otherwise it'll be around 25 cents per bar). A great deal except that you can't pick your colors. Each box comes with their 4 basic colors. I didn't really need that.

I'd love to get my hands on some Unimag or Madmag (another Geomag knockoff) in the colors that Geomag does not make, and their curved pieces. If anyone knows where to find those, let me know. I wouldn't mind some purple, black, etc etc.

Geomag Blaze (orange/black) came out in the UK a few weeks ago, and is now available through a special deal at FatBrainToys. Buy 2 boxes of Geomag color 184 and get a box of Blaze 60 for free. Considering that this week they also have a 10% off coupon that they sent out to their mailing list (great list to be on, very useful :)), it's a very good deal.

Through a glitch in their system I made up my own special deal (while not as good as the one they offer, it gives me magnets that I actually need instead of the standard colors), and the wonderful people at FatBrainToys actually honored it. Very nice...

My order should arrive this morning.

Once Geomag Blaze is available regularly in the US, I'll buy more of it. On another note (you read it here first), FatBrainToys will have the DekoPanels available soon as well...

Now on the Supermag front, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, Sam's Club has another large Supermag set available this year for the holidays. It's a 345 (if I recall correctly) piece set (I think) that has several of the new model sets and a small regular box of Supermag inside one large box. At $53 (I believe) it's a very good deal IF you like the new flex pieces. As I commented on before, I just don't like the idea of non-magnetic/metal pieces in a magnetic construction set, and unlike last year, have not bought any of these sets from Sam's Club. Though just like last year they are already showing up on eBay at a small markup. (Same with the Toy Liquidator Geomag boxes that are everywhere on eBay at the moment).

Kids 'R Us still has the Geomag Panels 60 boxes for $9.99. Oddly enough the regular Toys 'R Us stores still charge $19.99 for them.

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