Thursday, November 10, 2005


A few additions to the bridge...

The previously described bridge got moved, had a lot of non-vital pieces removed to create a good pile of unused pieces so that I could make the second ramp. When I was done, I had used up every Geomag bar I own (2819, I think). But since I wanted some towers at the ramps as well I made four of them with SuperMag (504 bars to be precise). The result looks pretty cool, though I could've used the colors better I suppose...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Hope you like the result. I do.

Great site of yours!!!
I've added these on my Sinterklaas list and I've been "researching" the subject for hours.
Your constructions are really imaginative and good-looking (awe inspiring, actually) and your little girl is super cute.
I'll certainly come back for more!!!

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